About Me

Life is messy and that’s ok. I am deeply invested in helping you navigate through suffering, anxiety and perfectionism - into a life that feels more authentic and meaningful. I see your powerful, resilient, grounded, joy-filled, wild and unique self and it is my privilege to help you reconnect with her.

My therapy perspective incorporates mindfulness, positive psychology, relational, neuroscience, CBT, ACT, and DBT - and always from a "whole-person" perspective. I strive to infuse every interaction with strengths-based and trauma-informed language while upholding the values of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in mental health care. I am also culturally and spiritually conscious, ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment for all.

I hold licenses and certifications in Marriage and Family Therapy, Art Therapy and Eco Therapy. I also provide clinical supervision and mentorship to associate level clinicians on their journey to becoming licensed.

Yeah, Yeah, but therapy is personal. Who am I underneath?

Just like you, I contain multitudes! I am a nature loving, food cooking, plant growing, tea drinking, art making, pet cuddling, second gen latina. I am anti oppression and pro “trusting the universe.” In my free time, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, digging in the veggie garden, or talking to my dog -Poppy. My challenges include: mindfully doing less, deferring to authority, Zillow, a disorganized tupperware drawer, loud chewing, and fear of letting my loved ones down.

Wondering if we’re a good fit? Me too!